Necilia Jones

Certified Reiki I, II and III  Master/Teacher, Light (Life) Coach, and a DoTerra Wellness Advocate


I specialize in the areas of AromaTouch Massage Therapy developed by DoTerra, Auricular Therapy, Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Color and Crystal Therapy, Meditation, and Chakra healing.  I am also a photographer and has authored two poetry books, Black-Eyed Susan and Other Essences and Soul Journey: The Soul Less Traveled. 


“Most women are multi-taskers, we work and take care of our businesses, we take care of our homes and our families, parents and even our communities.  I am a mom of 3 children, currently residing in the Washington, DC area and I’m re-learning how to self-care and heal myself through meditation, reiki and other holistic modalities. I’ve created many businesses and worked on numerous projects but the latest project I’ve been working on is myself. I want to be a Hapi light being and I want others to feel happy and light too. I have created a platform of experiences where the project is YOU called HAPI LIGHT BEING. Although, we are dynamic, multi-dimensional beings we still need to take time to connect with our higher self, that god within, our soul. Meditation, exercise and being out in nature are some of the ways to connect with your higher self. Healing past karmic energy and thoughts about situations that may have shaped your reality in a not so positive way is important. It helps to clear your Chakra centers so that you have a better access to your highest self and potential in life.”

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Main Headquarters

65 Duke Street 
Suites 202, 203 & 205
Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678